Establishment Control

We all set budgets at Cost Centre and Subjective level right? Some organisations don't bother with making sure ESR is updated with the latest Budget WTE, some organisations just find a position number that matches the code combination where the budget lies and puts the Budget WTE there and some organisations match Budget WTE to the exact position numbers where people are funded (so if multiple

Finance Skills Development Strategy

Hi Im new to being a value maker and would like your help if possible.  We are doing some work on creating a Skills Development policy for Finance at The Leeds Teaching Hospitals and I was wondering if you had any examples of policies from your organisations. Many thanks

I am not a Muslim but i will fast for one day

As part of Celebrating Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Week @EastLancsHosp the finance team together with other colleagues fast for one full day and then we celebrate in a communal meal to break the fast in the evening. This is our second event and will be next Thursday 24th May 2018

How Strong Are You? Part 1

In our Trust we use the ‘Four Strengths’ as part of our annual revew.  As a useful reminder to all our team, I've been sending them some notes about each of the strengths and about how they could be used as part of the annual appraisal conversation.  Thought it might be useful to share here too, so here's part 1.

NHS Finance Workforce Census 2017 – Results

*The **HFMA/Skills Development Network (SDN) Finance Workforce Census 2017* [1]* results are in and indicate that there have been no significant changes in terms of gender and BAME diversity since the last census results were published in 2015. This is obviously of* [1]