July 2017 - Definitely Eventful

July always ends up being an eventful month, end of school year, sports day, speech day, my eldest’s birthday, usually the annual 2 week holiday – thank goodness that the days are longer so I can sneak in an extra few hours of activity. However this year, July is even more special, as it is my last month of working with the central FFF team, before I move onto the next adventure at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS FT.

Free course on methods of measuring healthcare value

The Univesity of Sheffield are offering a free course via Future Learn called 'measuring and valuing health'. You'll already be familiar with the Best Possible Value method of modelling value, which uses Porter's value equation to populate and prioritise various value outcome measures and metrics (see our framework for more information).

FFF Journey

It took me a while, but I got there in the end. When I first saw the email being circulated by the trust’s FSD contact with the FFF programme I knew straight away I wanted to be part of it!

HFMA / CIPFA Glossary

Did you know that the HFMA & CIPFA Health & Social Care Partnership have published a glossary of terms used in NHS and local government finance to help colleagues across the two sectors work together more closely? It is available from the link on the right-hand side of the page.

Hello from North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare

Hi All, We just wanted to say Hello to everyone, we are the new members of FACE Finance network for North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare and look forward to meeting you all at future events to share innovation and ideas! Jayne Mottram + Nick Wildin  

Capital: Money’s too tight to mention

I’ve read a few articles about the lack of capital for STP projects, but as we enter our 4th year of a deficit there is a lack of capital for our basic capital programme.  This year our loan repayments outstrip our depreciation, so we have no internally generated money for capital investment. So, currently we sit in limbo, not knowing how much money will be approved by the Department of Health for 2017/18, facing up to the question of how we prioritise a capital list of £8m, knowing that we are unlikely to receive that much in loans.

You get out what you put in...

Sound bites are so succinct and repeatable that people assume they are always true. So many people store a catalogue of these glib pseudo-philosophies, ready for any debate.