We drew a map to a better place

How tiresome it must be to fill in the NHSI Finance return only to find you've got lots of changes to make and you haven't got anything set up to just have the figures updated as they change. The 2 minutes it takes me to do staff costs and operating expenditure is gruelling...

Being Brave ....

So yesterday I did my first ever triathlon.  It's been on my list for a number of years if I'm honest, but there was always some reason not to book on it.  Reasons such as "not that one, its open water, I don't think I'd like it", "not that one, its cycle route has an incline", or "oooh not that one, it's in a cold/hot month of the year" .  I always found something to

Diversity Safe House Discussions

Future-Focused Finance are committed to supporting Diversity & Inclusion, recognising that it is an important aspect in ensuring finance teams identify, nurture and support talented individuals from all backgrounds. A key aspect of the diversity workstream is to support and enhance the careers of protected groups within the function, to help them to achieve their potential and ensure that

What I want, you've got

Ever feel like what you're doing must have been done by someone else before so you don't have to? That you're manually adding to lookup lists when they've obviously been added somewhere else first for you to need to add them? Well it's about time you stopped what you're doing and started to leverage the power of the your existing systems' data.

The next FFF accreditation deadline - Friday 4th May

The next deadline to submit your organisation’s evidence proforma for FFF accreditation is Friday 4th May. All evidence proformas submitted by then will be appraised the following week by the Finance Leadership Council at the FLC meeting on Friday 11th May. To submit your organisation’s evidence proforma, please email futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net.  

Regional Value Maker Events

The Value Maker role was introduced to create a network of passionate individuals across the NHS who champion and spread the work and messages of Future-Focused Finance.  Our Value Makers continuously show enthusiasm and commitment in sharing best practice, resources and ideas, while working on many of the projects within FFF.  They are also doing a fantastic job of keeping their

They see me rolling

Every year end we set about rolling over to a new financial year, creating a new set of files and folders and more often than not find that we've got an awful lot to do to switch from year to year.