Value of people's time - a working group

I'm a Benefits Manager in NHS Digital who recently discovered Best Possible Value. Part of my job is to quantify potential benefits from health IT projects so we can decide if they are worthwhile. A topic that's been getting to me is what value people put on their time. I’ve now set up a discussion in Knowledge Hub asking for volunteers to help.

Income and Costing training for Finance

I was recently approached by a member of our financial management team and asked to deliver some training on what we do in the Income and Costing team. This session was then opened up to the whole finance team and there has been so much interest we have had to arrange a second session to accommodate everyone.

NHS VAT Training - 9 November 2017

HFMA London Branch is pleased to invite members of the Future Focused Finance community to its upcoming NHS VAT Update Training which will take place at 110 Rochester Row, London on 9 November. The training will be delivered by Kenny Lee, Head of Tax at Liaison. Kenny delivered a similar half-day session for the Branch in May which received great attendee feedback.

NHS Chorley and South Ribble CCG & NHS Greater Preston CCGs whole finance team join our FFF Networks

We are delighted to have received an application from NHS Chorley and South Ribble & NHS Greater Preston CCG for their whole finance team to become Value Makers and Finance and Clinical Educators.  The team have being doing lots of great things within their organisation and we look forward to having them as part of our FFF Networks.  Read about their fantastic team effort.

Collaborative Networking Blog Oct 2017

I’m an FFF Value Maker [1].  This means I’ve pledged to help those connected With NHS have access to the relevant methods & opportunities to influence Finance & patient service decision making. [1]

Surrey Heartlands STP Investment Framework Based on BPV

Colleagues from Surrey Heartlands Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) have kindly shared their new Investment Framework. The document is based on the Best Possible Value (BPV) Decision Framework [1] and is an example of how the generic process and tools can be adapted for local use. [1]

Quaterly Finance Huddle

What a platform we value makers got at the London conference. And to continue the great work, we gave our feedback to our department. Our department has regular meetings giving us update about the Trust position and we were asked to present here. These meetings are very informal, where staff are just sat at thier desk, while our Financial Management director gives us the updates. Melanie and