Documents & Reports

NHS FFF Inquiry into Innovation

This inquiry sought to investigate the cultural opportunities and barriers to innovation in Finance professionals, and the role NHS Finance can and could play in leading and generating innovation within the finance function, and across organisations and systems.

Supporting NHS Finance Leaders

This report summarises the HFMA’s research into the obstacles faced by aspiring finance leaders in achieving their career ambitions and the support available for aspiring and current finance leaders.

Characteristics of a Great Place to Work - Literature Review

We have produced a literature review, researching the characteristics of a great place to work, within all sectors and then specifically within the NHS. This research has identified the behaviours that have the biggest impact on how people who work in NHS finance feel about their job. The full report can be accessed here.

Diversity in NHS Finance

We questioned a cohort of more than 1,000 finance employees about their experiences of elements of diversity including gender, ethnicity and disability in the NHS organisations they work for. The results of this survey informed our report, “Diversity in NHS Finance Leadership: beliefs, behaviours and barriers” which can be viewed here.