The Future-Focused Finance Towards Excellence Accreditation process is designed to allow the FLC to give due recognition to organisations that have the very best finance skills development culture and practices in place. There are three levels, each designed to reflect the continuous development of your finance function and recognising the highest standards of financial competence and commitment to skills development. Accreditation lasts for three years, after which you will seek re-accreditation following the same process. Find out more about the process and key benefits of becoming accredited in our leaflet here.

The next submission deadline is 31 August 2020. Please send completed pro formas to
Who's involved?

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Level 1 Proforma

Will be achieved through a process of self-assessment with statements from the FD/CFO confirming that all the relevant criteria are achieved by the organisation.

Level 2 Proforma

Will require peer assessment by another NHS body.

Level 3 Proforma

Will also require peer-assessment by another NHS body.

Finance Director Declarations

Within Level 1 of the accreditation process there is the requirement to demonstrate: 1.1.9 Evidence of Future Focused-Finance (FFF) Director of Finance/Chief Finance Officer Declaration.

Excel Proforma

A downloadable Excel version of all three proformas

Professional bodies

Information about professional accountancy bodies which your organisation must be registered to.