The Future-Focused Finance Towards Excellence Accreditation process is designed to allow the FLC to give due recognition to organisations that have the very best finance skills development culture and practices in place. There are three levels, each designed to reflect the continuous development of your finance function and recognising the highest standards of financial competence and commitment to skills development. Accreditation lasts for three years, after which you will seek re-accreditation following the same process. Find out more about the process and key benefits of becoming accredited in our leaflet here.

CIPFA is currently undergoing changes to its accreditation process which is due to be rolled out this year. Please continue to let them know that you would like to be accredited as a part of our accreditation process. Once their new process is ready they will inform you and you will be able to apply.

The next submission deadline is 30th April 2021. Please ensure you are using the 2021 version of the proforma and once completed, please send to