We have developed this framework which outlines the behavioural skills finance staff need to develop to carry out their jobs in the best way possible.

It is increasingly recognised that how we do our jobs is as important as what we do – and it has been found that organisations with a positive culture and good behaviours perform better.

The work to develop the Framework included interviews with 12 Finance Directors from across the country, three Chief Executives, a selection of aspiring finance leaders, two focus groups consisting of FSD Leads, and the attendees at an FFF Foundation Meeting. We also studied similar models developed by professional bodies, the NHS and other external organisations, as well as reviewing the existing ‘Finance Leaders Key Characteristics Framework’, which we published in 2017. In deciding how to organise the Framework, we have chosen to begin with the ‘Four Strengths’, which we developed previously and are already being used by finance departments across the country.


The Framework is designed to be used flexibly. It is envisaged that individuals, teams and organisations will use it in a variety of ways and that the additional detail will assist with the following:

  • To add into people’s job descriptions to describe ‘how’ the job needs to be done as well as ‘what’ needs to happen.

  • To use as a tool for setting individual objectives; many HR professionals now consider it good practice to include at least one behavioural objective and many organisations now insist on this.

  • To act as a checklist to help people to develop personal development plans.

  • To help to map required behaviours for recruitment / to assist with writing interview questions.

  • To assist specialists with the writing of training programmes aimed at finance staff.

  • To support talent spotting and succession planning.

Using the frameworkThe Framework and Proforma documents are available to view and download below. Included in the main document is a breakdown of how to use the Framework with a suggested approach.

We'd love to know what you think about the Framework and we'd be especially keen to hear from you if you use the Framework in your organisation for personal development planning and/or when writing job descriptions. Contact us on futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net for any comments or questions on the Framework.

We are currently working to develop an online version of the Framework as part of our website that will be both intuitive and interactive. Keep an eye on our newsletter and social media pages for updates on this and information on how to get involved.