Accreditation Update, July 2019

Author: David EllcockDate: 11 months 1 week Ago

I am pleased to report that a further six organisations were accredited at last week’s FLC: two at Level 2 and four at Level 1. They are:

Level Two
East Cheshire NHS FT (North West)    
Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS FT (East Midlands)    
Level One
Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS FT (East Midlands)    
Kent & Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust (South East Coast)    
Kent Community Health NHS FT (South East Coast)    
West Leicestershire CCG (East Midlands)    

Congratulations to everyone from these organisations on gaining their accreditation.

FLC also agreed a number of changes to the accreditation criteria, which have now been implemented. Firstly, our accreditation process will now be known as Future-Focused Finance Towards Excellence Accreditation, to reflect the fact that we continue to work closely with colleagues from the North West SDN team on accreditation and their long-standing process is known as Towards Excellence.

We have also introduced a handful of new criteria in the process and taken the opportunity to tidy up the way in which they are presented. Details of the new criteria for each level of the process can be found on the accreditation pages elsewhere on the website. The key changes can be summarised as follows:

  • Specific measures of approaches to diversity and inclusion have been added at each level.
  • Reference to the use of the apprenticeship route and associated levy for professional finance training has been included at each level.
  • A specific criterion has been included at Level 3 to require engagement with the national Graduate Management Training Scheme for our leading finance teams.
  • A requirement for organisations’ Finance and Clinical Educators (FACEs) to participate in FFF’s FACE certification has been introduced.
  • The phrase “finance function” has been introduced throughout, to replace previous references to “teams”, “directorates”, etc., and to reflect the fact that differing organisation structures include different services in the wider finance function.
  • “SDN” (Skills Development Network) has replaced “FSD” (Finance Skills Development) throughout the documents.

  As always, I am very happy to answer any questions that colleagues may have around the accreditation process. I can be contacted on However, if you are based in the North West you should contact Jacky Bowman in the first instance.