Annual Finance Survey

Author: Jonathan SaxtonDate: 3 months 2 weeks Ago


As part of our FFF Accreditation Level 1 submission we undertook a survey to get feedback from budget managers about the their opinions on the Finance department. This is something that we were thinking about anyway as we have recently revamped our 'Finance Offer' which reduced the level of service we provide but introduced processes in it's place.

We wanted the survey to be short so that as many busy clincians answered it as possible, so we came up with 5 questions, the first 4 were Yes or No answers that also had a free text box for further detail and the last question was a free text box. The survey went to 358 budget managers, we received feedback from 66, so a take up rate of just over 18%. The survey went out as a survey monkey for 2 weeks.

The YES/NO questions and answers are below:

  • Do you receive all the information you require from the Finance Department in a timely manner? YES - 94%
  • Are you happy with the support/advice you receive from the Finance Department? YES - 97%
  • Do Finance deal with your queries/concerns in a timely fashion? - YES - 97%
  • Does the info you receive from the Finance Department aid you in decision making? YES - 91%

We also had fantastic feedback in the free text boxes with some really positive responses. The last question is below which we received good areas that we could improve on and it also informed us that our training wasn't being advertised as good as what it should be as poeple were asking for training that we already provide.

  • How can the finance department improve the services they provide? 

Although we got a lot of good feedback which is nice, it's also good to get a bit of constructive criticism which we did.  Form this I produced a few things that I believe we need to think about as a senior team to futher improve our service, see below:

  • Do we need to gain a better understanding of RCF, MADEL, SIFT?
  • We need to maintain a consistent level of service in busy times eg month end
  • Ensure that the information we provide is understandable to non-finance staff
  • Either formally do a budget setting process for 19/20 or ensure that budget managers know how their budget has been set. ie rolled forward.
  • Liaise with L&D to ensure our training courses are adequately advertised
  • Look into Finance e-learning, potentially use established FFF or HFMA e-learning modules
  • Can senior sign-off be speeded up.
  • Improve the subject title of Finance report emails

If you would like to hear more or if I can help you in any way please let me know!