BPV Case Studies

Author: Grace LoveladyDate: 1 year 2 months Ago

Case studies from organisations that have applied the BPV Decision Framework process and tools to a demonstration exercise.

Best Possible Value produced two example decision handbooks and performed an initial demonstration exercise with two sites: Liverpool CCG and Mid-Cheshire Hospitals Foundation Trust. The outputs of this work are available on the links and downloads below.

  • The Liverpool CCG example handbook details a potential investment decision for lung cancer services
  • The Mid-Cheshire FT example handbook details a demand response decision scenario
  • The Investment example handbook details a hypothetical maternity dis/invest decision scenario
  • The Allocation Decision example handbook details a hypothetical decision scanerio to bridge a £4m local health economy resource gap
  • There are also case studies from organisations which used the BPV Decision Framework in 2017/18.

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