Can you help us create a Development ‘Trip Advisor’ for YOUR needs?

Author: David EllcockDate: 6 months 4 weeks Ago

When you’re planning a holiday, do you use Trip Advisor? When you’re planning your own professional development – or that of your team – wouldn’t it be great if there were a ‘Trip Advisor’ for training and development to tell you not only what’s out there for you to access (documents, videos, eLearning, best practice guides, self-diagnostics, courses, coaches, secondments, project ideas…) but also sorted the effective stuff that actually works, based on the ranking of people like you, from the rest? Well, there could be...

FFF is part of a large Health Education England funded initiative to build a training and development solution for the NHS. And we’d like your help in building the solution by drawing up the finance specification.

We’d like you to dream a bit. What would you want the solution to do for you and for your teams? No idea is too small. No idea is too big. We’d love you to tell us how you would want such a solution to work for you and your team and/or what you want to find.

It’s really quick and easy. We just need you to capture any idea, any wish, about what you’d like a training and development solution to offer. The only requirement is that you frame your idea as follows:

  • As a… What is the perspective from which you are making your suggestion?
  • I want to… What is it that you want the solution to do?
  • So that… What will the benefit of your suggestion be?

Here are three simple examples:

As a: learner

I want to: easily access a wide variety of development materials highly rated by my peers

So that: I can quickly find ideas and resources that will be relevant to my needs

As a: subject specialist

I want to: share something that worked really well within my organisation

So that: colleagues elsewhere can use what we’ve developed

As a: learner

I want to: identify and follow a defined development path that has been formally verified

So that: I can improve my chances of promotion


We’re sure you can come up with better examples than those!

Please write up any ideas that you have, put them in a Word document, an Excel document, or just an email and send them to FFF’s Programme Director, David Ellcock on You can even just pop them in a reponse to this blog. David will then pull your ideas together so that we can begin to shape our finance training and development Trip Advisor. We’d really like your ideas by Friday 11 January

We look forward to hearing from you!