CCG Network Update

Author: Natalie FletcherDate: 8 months 2 weeks Ago

It was great to speak with so many valuemakers at the CCG network market stall at last Friday's conference. What was really clear is that there is a real opportunity to work together on a wide range of things - from the big changes such as CCG mergers to the day to day 'where can I code this in the ledger' there were a lot of common themes.

I wanted to provide a summary on where we are up to with the network, and what I'm hoping to build on in the near future.

Where we are now

  • The current network page is on the FFF main website at - please join us if you haven't already! (Note - if you're trying to see / post to the network, make sure you are registered and logged into the FFF site!)
  • The network isn't just for Value Makers - it's open to all CCG / CSU finance staff
  • At last count, we have 45 members representing 37 CCGs - let's keep growing!
  • Our first peer group is up and running - it's a small group of 5 CCGs working towards level 1 FFF accreditation. The group will be sharing resources, supporting each other and generally encouraging each other to keep the momentum going
  • We have published our first case study on a Prescribing Indicative Budgets scheme here
  • We have also compiled feedback and top tips from CCGs who have achieved FFF accreditation here

What next?

  • I talked to a lot of you on Friday about how we develop a responsive way of being able to ask questions from the network. The network newsletter would be ideal, but it'll only come out once per quarter - too long to wait if you need a question answering promptly! We have the network page as a place to post questions and to share documents, but I'm also going to try a Facebook group - please join the group here! The Value Maker one has been successful so far with lots of engagement. (Just for info - this is a closed group so people outside the group won't be able to see any content, and if your profile is private group members won't be able to see your personal profile)
  • FFF have also set up Linked In network pages. I have to admit that I am not a fan of Linked In but have signed up and will give it a go! You can access the network page here
  • To get the word out, I'm going to get some comms out via the SDN network, to CCG SDN leads - this should get us access to every CCG and hopefully get some new network members!
  • There was a lot of interest in a CCG merger peer group. Lots of people are going through this, at various stages, and there are huge challenges from the cultural to the practical. So I'll be looking for 6-8 people who are interested in being part of a peer group and supporting each other through the process. You can email me if you're interested in joining.
  • I'd love to have some more case studies and good practice examples to share. These can be as big or as small as you like, they don't have to be 'best practice', they just need to be something positive that you're happy to share! Please get in touch if you have an idea, I'll be looking for something for our October newsletter very shortly.

Please feel free to add any other ideas you have for the network in the comments, and thank you to everyone for their input last week and support in getting the network up and running.