Author: Tina ClarkDate: 6 months 2 weeks Ago

"I am absolutely bursting with humble happiness.  I’m half scared they’ll change their mind.  So unbelievably thankful", was my response when told I’d won the Everyone Counts Awards 2017.  That’s me with Sir Malcolm  Grant and Simon Stevens.  I took the opportunity to pitch a self service idea using online technology and came away with a handful of contacts. 

Networking at conferences can seem daunting.  Why are we encouraged to do it? We do it to get something we want and others do it for the same reason.  At a recent HFMA conference, I was labelled a “master networker”  which sounds completely ridiculous to me.  But the concept of  forming a mutually beneficial relationship makes perfect sense.  So how do you do it successfully?  Take a quick look at my 5 top value maker tips to see how you can strengthen your personal & professional connections.

I take it you don’t want to be the person who everyone avoids.  If you missed Natalie Dow’s talk at my recent event, you can listen to her recording on appreciative enquiry.  She gives us some food for thought on how to be mentally resilient and create positive impacts.

What is being done to reduce infant mortality?  I met with Dr Anna Pease to learn about her interesting collaborative research work with the University of Bristol to help mums prevent premature infant deaths.

My Top 5 Value Maker Tips:

  1. CLICK HERE on why chickens  teach us about defensiveness & collaboration.
  2. CLICK HERE For Natalie Dow’s techniques on resilience & self-management.
  3. CLICK HERE for tips on how to network in the modern world.
  4. CLICK HERE for Dr Anna Pease’s research on preventing infant death.
  5. Follow me on my Collaborative Networking FACEBOOK Forum for future updates.