Collaborative Networking Blog November 2018

Author: Tina ClarkDate: 6 months 1 week Ago

“You can’t plait a turd but you can sprinkle glitter on it…” said the voice of Roy Lilley, ever so controversial commentator.  His enigmatic banter was littered with references to stabbing, Hitler, sex, drugs & rock‘n’roll.  I did record his talk at my recent event but it was so full of ‘bleeps’ that I better not release it in case your ears bleed & I get implicated in a legal what’s it.  He chants “Change the climate because you can’t change culture”.
‘Deadly novichok dumped on streets’ was one of the newspaper headlines.  Chief Executive, Linda Prosser, talked through the leadership aspects of managing this incident.  The moral of her story?  Reputation management.  Build strong relationships & organisational resilience.  You can be more productive & innovative by being a better ally in the workforce.  Animosity is a choice, as is nurture.  An imbalance of opportunity, wealth and workload inevitably causes friction in relationships.  You have a choice whether to address this imbalance and in order to do so, it’s important to know how to build strong relationships.
I’m a stress-magnet.  I’m open to life’s vulnerabilities.  My coping mechanisms compel me to plan everything.  This means less room for spontaneity (I’d call it risk).  The Myers-Briggs test explains a lot.  It concludes that I’m basically not great with those who don’t like to plan or are ‘feelings’ people.  I hate surprises.  I read the synopsis during the movies and flick to the end of books to see if the person is still alive.  The suspense kills me.  Planning ahead keeps your mental health in check and if you encounter difficult people, seek perspective.

Technological advancements will eventually take over routine jobs enabling us to do more, faster.  Apps, websites & software are enabling more choice.  Let’s embrace the inevitable & prepare ourselves rather than fear it.  Creative thought, leadership, strategy, charm & empathy are all altruistic components humans can excel at over a programmable device.  By collaborating, we can forge creative bonds & tangible optimism for our future.

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