Author: Gavin RushDate: 1 month 2 days Ago

In the past recording Continued Professional Development (CPD) has been seen as a very time consuming and tedious exercise, normally with one member of the team spending days chasing for the forms only for them to be filed away and never looked at again.

 In an attempt to combat this and save a bit of time we have developed a CPD database where team members can input their CPD details quickly without the need for anyone to chase for paper forms. This also allows a summary of the departments CPD to be produced at the press of a button so the forms are no longer filed away and forgotten. Managers can monitor their teams CPD and use this information to assist in appraisals and developing the team’s training and development strategy and supporting personal development plans.

 The digital forms have been designed around the 4 Strengths produced by FFF, allowing us to ensure development in all 4 areas. However, these strengths also fit in with the trusts values: Safe; Kind; Effective. Allowing us to demonstrate how our CPD helps to contribute to the trusts goals and links the feedback into our appraisals.

The database should now be attached, but you will need to save it before you can open it, or email me for a copy ( Leave a comment and let me know how you get on.

This blog has been updated with new download documents (January 2021) 

Keith Edwards's picture
3 years 5 months Ago

What a great idea!

Jo Parris's picture
3 years 5 months Ago

This is amazing! Great work! Thank you for sharing : )

Sara Braidwood's picture
1 month 6 hours Ago

Good to read your article Gavin and trust you are well?
I will share this with our students if thats OK?

Richard Russell's picture
2 weeks 4 hours Ago

We now deliver twice monthly live training events covering coding/counting/costing/contracting/pricing/service development ( and generate CPD certificates automatically.  Would it be helpful to have CPD certificates in their traditional format but also as a CSV download as we can set that up if you want?