Crossing professional boundaries - a King's Fund toolkit for collaborative teamwork

Author: Gayle WellsDate: 5 years 4 months Ago

Commissioned by the Future Focused Finance Close Partnering action area, this King's Fund toolkit is aimed at helping leaders from clinical and financial teams who want to encourage collaboration across professional boundaries.

The toolkit provides teams with a practical step-by-step guide to help organisations to meet as a team and think about the way you work together.

'While some doubt the wisdom of taking time out from a team's busy work to conduct such reviews, there is strong evidence that teams which do this are far more effective than those which do not' Michael West, The King's Fund, 2012.

Taking time to stop and reflect on the way you work as a team is a powerful tool for improvement.  The best teams do it all of the time. High performing teams are particularly good at thinking about the way they achieve their objectives as well as they way they support their team members, and function as a team.

The toolkit contains;

- a process consisting of seven, easy to follow, steps;

- a set of easy to adapt templates including email invitations, and sample agenda;

- two creative card exercises to engage the whole team in discussion; and

- tips on how to make sure change happens in your teams.

You can download the toolkit here.

Patients need clinical and finance staff to find new ways to work together, and every clinical decision is a financial decision.  There is mounting evidence of the quality and productivity improvements that can result when clinical and financial staff collaborate effectively.

The toolkit was launched on 19 February 2016 by Bob Alexander, Director of Resources / Deputy Chief Executive of NHS Improvement. At the launch, we heard first-hand from Professor Michael West, creator of the King’s Fund toolkit for collaborative teamwork, plus Dr Lynne Wigens, Chief Nurse NHS England Midlands and East, and Dr Celia Ingham Clark, NHS England’s National Director for Reducing Premature Mortality.  Key clinical and financial leaders across the pilot organisations also provided their first hand experience on how the toolkit works in practice, and the opportunities and benefits it has created for them.

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5 years 6 days Ago

Impossible to find Crossing professional boundaries: a toolkit for collaborative working doc on this website


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5 years 5 days Ago

Link added

Hello Jim.

I've now added a link to the blog above. You can also download the toolkit via this link.