Do I need to have completed a leadership course to apply for the Aspiring Finance Leaders Talent Pool?

Author: lily.chapman_8961Date: 6 months 2 weeks Ago

Interested in applying for the Aspiring Finance Leaders National Talent Pool but haven’t completed a recognised leadership development course?

The development opportunities from the Talent Pool are designed to build on the foundation that would be provided by successful completion of a structured leadership development programme that was designed to equip individuals to move into a Director-level role. This is because the national Talent Pool is not a traditional leadership development programme with a set of pre-determined learning modules. Instead, it offers support to your development through a network of peers, interaction with experienced finance leaders, executive coaching, masterclasses and learning sets.
The Talent Pool also provides an opportunity for experiential learning (learning through experience) and assessment of your individual strengths and areas for development in relation to the step up to a finance leader role, captured in a highly individualised personal development plan. In addition, you will gain an in depth understanding of:

  • the board recruitment process
  • the responsibilities of a corporate director
  • how to develop personal resilience
  • how to manage work/life balance
  • how to create collaborative relationships
  • effective influencing negotiation and increasing personal impact

The Talent Pool is a supportive individually tailored ongoing development opportunity and thus prior completion of structured assessed leadership training (or equivalent structured and assessed learning) is a specified requirement before entering the Talent Pool.
Examples of recognised Leadership Development programmes are:

  • NHS Leadership Academy Nye Bevan course
  • Kings Fund Top Managers programme
  • Institute of Leadership and Management Course
  • FSD or HFMA senior (aspiring director) talent development programme

If you haven’t completed a leadership development programme of the kind described above, you may still want to apply if you think you are able to demonstrate your readiness for a finance leader role including understanding of leadership models and self-awareness of your strengths and weaknesses around this. However, if you were to apply without being able to demonstrate this level of previous learning and personal insight, you should be aware that applicants who have completed such a programme will be considered ahead of you.

Cathy Kennedy,
Business Director, Yorkshire and Humber, NHS Improvement