Author: Hannah MorrisDate: 6 months 1 week Ago

Hello fellow FFFers
As part of our impending application for level 1 accreditation here at NHS Dorset CCG, we have refreshed our FFF CFO declaration.
We already had a signed FFF CFO declaration dating back to June 2014.
A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then however, including arrival of our current CFO, Stuart Hunter, in May 2017 and we felt that it was therefore timely to revisit the declaration and update our ideas supplementing the standard declaration.

Our refreshed declaration contains the following pledges from Stuart and the senior team to embed the principles of FFF:

  • Support the finance team in their professional development, providing opportunities to gain a wide range of experience and encouraging progression through to formal qualifications
  • Prioritise raising the profile and understanding of finance across the organisation to ensure that meeting financial targets is the business of all at the CCG
  • Encourage the whole team at all levels to engage with the HFMA and FFF and attend events and courses as appropriate to grade and area of work

Well……the declaration almost contains those pledges but we couldn’t fit them all on the bottom of the page so we have summarised on the declaration itself.

Stuart will be retiring at the end of 2019. His successor has recently been appointed and is our very own current Deputy CFO, Nikki Rowland.

The photo shows Stuart and Nikki holding the declaration outside of the CCG HQ in Dorchester.
Our accreditation application will be submitted by the end of August.
The reflection required throughout compilation of the accreditation application has led us to prioritise tasks which will undoubtedly be of benefit to the team and to the whole CCG. 
Level 1 accreditation here we come