General Practice: New Ways of Working

Author: Grace LoveladyDate: 9 months 1 week Ago

It is well evidenced and publicised that general practice is currently under serious financial pressure. Over recent years, GP workloads have increased substantially, becoming more complex, and have not been matched in terms of funding or increases to workforce. Enormous pressure is building around the sustainability of the current general practice model, and, more so now than ever, looking to new and innovative ways of working is crucial in helping us address these current challenges. 

Working with colleauges from our primary care delivery group, we have created this document, for CCG and regional primary care teams, that focuses on the main pressures facing general practice today and showcases new and interesting ways of working from CCGs across the country. We have included three concise case studies from different organisations in England that are addressing some of the challenges presented. We hope that from showcasing these innovative ways of working, other primary care teams could also look to use these in their own organisations. Further information and useful links can be found on the back cover of the document.

Please share with your CCG and primary care colleauges. 

If your CCG or organisation is doing anything interesting around general practice and primary care finance, then we would love to hear from you! Please email us at to share.