Health and Wellbeing Champion

Author: SaraBraidwoodDate: 1 year 5 months Ago

I'm excited and looking forward to being a "Health and Wellbeing Champion for FFF" - So important for us all to look after ourselves and event to make a small change to our lifestyles

A few years ago what was the SHA did a promotion week to change the way you travel to work - my bike had been in the shed for a number of years and I decided to take on the challange to "cycle to work" - it really did change my life!  I got engaged with the British cycling Programme "Breeze" to encourage more women to cycle as at the time there was a big gap in women cycling - I have now led over 300 rides in the Wirral, Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire areas, met many new friends, led cycling groups in Europe, Wales, Scotland and Ireland and encouraged over 2,0000 more people to cycle in a safe, enjoyable and fun environment

Here is a little quote for my first blog as a FFF Health and Wellbeing Champion  "Moving from no activity to just a little activity—walking briskly every day to the shop, rather than driving, for example—has been shown to yield the single greatest gain in health and wellbeing."