IFRS 16 Overview

Author: Grace LoveladyDate: 11 months 3 weeks Ago

Louise Lowry,  Head of Financial Services at Rotherham NHS FT has drafted an overivew of IFRS 16 after a request for this came through from one of our Value Makers.
Louise has kindly allowed us to share this with our networks and you can download the draft from the RHS link.
Thank you Louise!

Derek Stewart's picture
11 months 3 weeks Ago

This is a great outline of requirements for our review and a really useful basis for the work that we need to undertake. 

Louise thanks for sharing this resource



Julia McLarty's picture
11 months 1 week Ago

Really useful, thank you Louise and Grace. Are fellow Value Makers/ FFF people interested in setting up a monthly call to help each other through the process?