Improving collaboration with the ‘Four Strengths’

Author: Gayle WellsDate: 6 months 1 week Ago

The Four Strengths have been produced by Future-Focused Finance and are designed to help NHS finance teams develop the skills they need for the challenges ahead. They have been created to be simple, memorable and time-saving – giving NHS finance departments a consistent, universal language to support not just appraisals, but the whole development process. 

At the VMAC 2018, Gayle Wells, Strategic Business Accountant, Mersey Care NHS FT  hosted a best-practice market stall to share with delegates her experiences of the ways in which the Four Strengths has been used at her trust, including with individual finance staff, with the finance team as a whole and as part of budget holder feedback. Gayle shared examples of how Mersey Care have used the Four Strengths as part of finance department annual appraisals, team meetings, and as part of stakeholder feedback. The stakeholder feedback from budget holders has allowed the finance team to think about how they should be improving the way they work with their clinical teams and how to develop their partnering relationships, which has benefitted the organisation and their patients. The market stall was practical and gave delegates all the tools and techniques to be able to apply the Four Strengths back in their own organisations once they returned.

Find out more about the Four Strengths and how to use them here:  

You can view and download templates that Gayle shared on her market stall on the RHS of this blog post.

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6 months 1 week Ago

Hi Gayle - You read my mind! I was about to post the interview questions we used and you have done it already! Am also thinking about using the 4 strengths to inspire my speeches for leavers!
Thanks for sharing