Lancashire CCGs - Collaborative FFF Accreditation

Author: Grace LoveladyDate: 1 year 7 months Ago

Lancashire CCG’s Working Together Towards Excellence is made up of eight CCGs in Lancashire - covering a population of over 1.5m patients. The Lancashire CCGs collective have together reached FFF Level Two Accreditation.  They have also previously completed a federated approach to the North West Towards Excellence Accreditation and when going through the FFF process, this helped them to build on their North West achievement and brought an added focus on promoting the national work of FFF.


Tracey was invited to deliver a market stall at the VMAC18 to share with delegates the process and ways of working that the CCGs followed to be able to reach Level Two Accreditation.  This was through a team approach that included a working group, made up of the Chief Finance Officers from all eight CCGs, and a lead from each CCG to ensure all evidence was collated and evidenced to meet the criteria to achieve Levels One and Two.

You can view and download Tracey's presentation from the VMAC18 on the RHS of this blog post. Included is more detail on the process Tracey and the team followed to acheive Level Two Accreditation.