One NHS Finance - results & next steps

Author: Grace LoveladyDate: 1 month 3 weeks Ago

Since September 2020, colleagues working at every level across the NHS finance community have come together to raise awareness of challenges and issues facing the function, discussing innovative solutions and ideas; all for one aim – to improve the future of our function by bringing us together as One NHS Finance. 

The One NHS Finance conversation closed on Sunday 21st February, with a final total count of 460 ideas with 2,229 comments and 26,979 votes across the 2 conversations. Totalling over 29,660 contributions!

We want to thank every single person who logged-on to share their views and ideas, all which helped to make this engagement project so successful. A special thank you to our Value Makers across all regions in making this happen and for bringing more colleagues into the conversation.

​Every idea and each element of feedback has been provided by finance colleagues working in NHS organisations across the country, who want to help shape the future of our function. Initial feedback from both conversations has outlined three key themes of focus for the finance community going forward: 

  • Developing Our People – Through a National Finance Academy
  • Developing our Community – Through Future-Focused Finance
  • Developing Our Systems and Processes – Through a Finance Innovation Forum

Over the coming weeks we will continue to analyse the feedback, ensuring that every idea, comment and vote is considered when developing new work programmes for these three themes. We want to ensure that everyone has input into what is being designed, so we will be continuing to work closely with the Value Maker network and NHS staff through the next stages of this process.

 If you would like to be involved in the development of one of these new programmes, please get in touch with the FFF team at