Return of the Ma... nhei

Author: Manhei ChanDate: 4 months 1 week Ago

It is coming up to 18 months since my return to Leeds Teaching Hospitals, having spent almost 5 years away. I enjoyed working here the last time but things felt different this time around.

Finance now actually feels like one big team, we communicate with and help each other.

Immediately upon my return there was the “Perfect Week” exercise, where the different departments logged any issues they were facing at work and then everyone chipped in to try and solve them; it was brilliant.

Another thing that is now different are the quarterly time outs, where all of Finance get together for an afternoon. There are internal and external speakers, trust and department updates, team building exercises and we celebrate success.

Of course, there are also the value makers. As a finance professional, I have always wanted to show everyone that numbers are not just used to report past performance but just as important for forward looking and decision making. I believe I share the same views as Future Focused Finance so I signed up to ensure that everyone has the relevant skills and opportunities to influence decision making.

In one of my previous blogs I wrote about building a community and I feel like we are well on the way there as a trust, next we have to start working closer with other organisations.



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4 months 1 week Ago

Thanks for sharing that, Manhei. I'm sure there's lots that other organisations could learn from Leeds, and vice versa. Being part of the Value Maker network will allow that sharing to happen.