Senior Talent Management - Development Programmes

Author: Courtney LawrenceDate: 5 months 1 week Ago

As part of the FFF Senior Talent Management Programmes, we have designed a 4-day development programme to help participants develop their skills towards working at director level or equivalent over the next 3-5 years.

This free programme has been developed around the FFF Behavioural Skills Framework and Four Strengths which will be run over 4 days, including 2 residentials and networking dinners. This is a free programme for members of the FFF Aspiring Finance Leaders network. If you aren't already a members of this free Network, please click here to view further details and benefits. 

Participants: 24 per region

Level: 8c and above (but not those on the talent pool)

Application process: self-nomination via expression of interest/expected outcome with sign off from FD. Please ensure that you are able to make all of the dates before applying for this programme.


  • Making the move from Line Manager to Leader
  • Selling the Vision, creating a compelling story re change
  • Creating a team culture that embraces the future of NHS Finance and brings the whole team along
  • Gaining confidence re the difficult conversations and making a stand for what is right
  • Encouraging and creating the environment for innovation and new ideas

Dates and Locations:

South:                                                                                         North:
16th – 17th July in Bristol                                                          10th – 11th July in Manchester
27th – 28th November in Reading                                            19th – 20th November in Leeds

Midlands and East:                                                                   London:
25th – 26th June in Birmingham                                                6th – 7th June & 3rd – 4th October
14th – 15th November in Nottingham

A summary of what is included in the progrmme is available in the downloads section or by clicking here. Please note that this is subject to change. 

If you would like any further information on any of the above, please contact us on