Spreadsheets to Bedsheets

Author: Kay WissDate: 6 months 1 week Ago

Spreadsheets to bedsheets is a concept that was launched at Stockport NHS FT in 2016 whereby they asked all the staff in the Finance & Procurement Department to commit to getting out of the department and seeing something or someone else in the hospital or committee.   This was undertaken in the form of a “pledge”. 
The aim was that each individual would learn something personal to them which would enhance their learning and help them develop.   Staff were given protected learning time in order to undertake their pledge and once the pledge was accomplished, complete a reflective learning example which was then placed on their personal development record.  This was then discussed at their annual appraisal or development review. 
On their market stall at the VMAC, Kay and Jennifer shared how Stockport put this initiative into practice and the many benefits of the scheme including:

  • Engages staff across the whole department
  • Encourages PDP activity for staff not training
  • Potential to improve relationships and processes internally
  • Increased visibility of Finance across the organisation
  • Evidence for FFF accreditation 
  • Encourages reflective learning

More about this scheme at Stockport including some examples of the pledges made can be found on the attachment.