Supporting the COVID-19 response in Yorkshire and Humber

Author: Natalie FletcherDate: 7 months 2 weeks Ago

We've been gathering some stories of the brilliant work that Valuemakers and finance staff in the Yorkshire and Humber region have been doing to help support the COVID-19 response. It's great to see our colleagues getting involved and doing whatever they could to help, even though this might be very different to the day job they signed up to!

Have a look at some of the reflections from across the region below, and please do get in touch if you've got a story to share that we can add to this!


First up, the finance team at Harrogate and District Foundation Trust have given us some insight into the work they have been doing supporting the PPE team.

Bilal at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has taken a key role in supporting BAME staff across the organisation.

I am a programme manager within the Finance Department at Leeds Teaching Hospitals.  I work on the Cost Improvement Programme (we call it Waste Reduction Programme).  I support clinicians and operational managers to meet their department’s cost improvement target.  In addition to working in the finance department I am also co-chair of the staff BME network.

During COVID-19 my finance role has been a light touch approach to allow clinical teams and operational leads meet the demands of COVID-19.  However, as you may have seen COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting BAME communities and because of this my role as network chair has become my day job during this period so that we can support our BAME colleagues through this period.  Working with the HR director at Leeds I set up a steering group to make sure we supported our BAME staff.  The steering group is made up of colleagues from HR,  Occupational Health, Clinicians, BAME network and E&D colleagues.  We have developed processes and plans to help BAME staff who feel stressed, worried or anxious during this period.  Personally, I have been invited to attend and contribute to national and local webinars to share the work we are doing at Leeds Teaching Hospitals to support BAME staff through COVID-19 as well as share my own personal reflections of being BAME network chair during this period.

Within my Trust I have arranged and chaired weekly virtual meetings for our BAME staff to share their anxieties and help us develop a plan that supports them the best way possible.  These virtual meetings have been attended by nearly 200 staff and helped grow our network.  Our membership is now over 400 staff across the Trust.

Slowly and surely we addressing the concerns of the BAME staff and supporting them through these unprecedented times.


Mark at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has been supporting the Procurement function throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

Watch Mark's story and reflections in this short video -

Rebecca Edwards's picture
7 months 2 weeks Ago

Thanks for sharing Natalie - I think we all have so much respect for our Procurement teams, the unsung heroes of the last few months. I can definitely relate to the fact that a mask is not just a mask, and the challenge of counting gloves (is it a pair or an item?) aprons (is it a roll or a piece) and alcohol gel (does it fit a dispenser or is it pump action, and what size is it?).

But then I have also found that I have a new understanding of the important role of clinical engineering, domestics, porters, IT colleagues, capital works, health and safety, waste management - I could go on. I think what I am trying to say is that I was always in awe of our clinical colleagues, but the last few months have brought into sharp focus for me the important role that we all play.

The last 5-6 months have been a roller coaster, but I can honestly say that I have never felt closer to the team that I am privileged to work with and have never felt prouder to be a part of their team.

Keep sharing your experiences lovely FFF family.

Grace Lovelady's picture
7 months 2 weeks Ago

What a wonderful piece sharing the admirable work that each of you are doing. So proud to work alongside such passionate, caring and hard-working people.