Tina Vu Value Maker Blog Nov 2019

Author: Tina VuDate: 8 months 2 days Ago

Tina Vu (Formerly Clark)
Regional Lead
Value Maker South West

Will I still have a job?  With the right Team?  In the right location?  This NHSE&I consultation period is bringing up a multitude of questions & anxiousness that any staff restructure is likely to bring.  The feeling of anxiousness is an inherent feeling of distress or unease brought about by fear of misfortune.  Why do we fear this if we are perfectly capable, skilled individuals who bring value to others?  It’s because there’s a risk.  But the magic is, we can all mitigate these risks by being a Value Maker.  Add an extra string to your bow with minimal effort.  Be a Value Maker.  You are already one by default with the work you already do.  You don’t have to be a finance person.  Being a Value Maker has helped my team win this year.  You too can be a winner.  Apply HERE.

James Tucker
Value Maker
Torbay and South Devon NHS FT

At its core, the Finance function is there to help teams get from where they are to where they need to be, and I joined the Value Maker network because it helps me to do just that. The network itself not only offers a range of tools and frameworks that are available to all but gives us access to the extensive knowledge and experience of like-minded finance professionals across the NHS. At a time when Trusts are facing considerable financial pressures, I strongly believe the network gives us the best opportunity to develop ourselves, our staff and our service to provide operational staff with the best support possible.

Jess Crocker 
Value Maker
NHSE&I Devon & Cornwall

I’ve been a member of FFF for a few years now and have benefited hugely from the courses, training and networks. It’s now time that I paid something back into the network and did more to support my colleagues. My favourite part of my job is developing others and seeing them take the next steps in their career.

My 5 Top Value Maker Tips

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