Updates on the FFF programme

Author: Suzanne RobinsonDate: 1 month 1 day Ago

I was delighted to be asked to be Vice-Chair of the FFF Finance Leadership Group and have an important role in developing our finance community.  Following the second meeting of the FFF FLG  we have lots of very exciting programmes emerging through 5 key themes from the One NHS Finance conversation:

  • Promoting NHS Finance Careers
  • Supporting our Staff
  • Networking and sharing good ideas
  • Helping others to understand NHS Finance
  • Making NHS Finance a great place to work

You will hear lots more soon about how these programmes are developing, but today I am thrilled to announce the launch of the ‘NHS Finance Thank you’ campaign on the birthday of our wonderful NHS which we are all thankful for.  The first thing to say thank you for is to everyone who contributed to the OneNHSFinance conversation. We had so many comments, ideas and suggestions, which promoted some great discussion at the FLG, such as this one ….

“What really stood out for me was that people working in finance don’t always get much appreciation from their colleagues or managers. One simple but very effective thing we could all do immediately is to start saying ‘thank you’ much more.”

This idea inspired us to launch this campaign and I would like to kick things off by saying thank you to our value makers who really do make a such a big difference in sharing great ideas across the service and championing staff development.  It is a network of positivity and as proud SRO for Value Makers I would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and passion for our NHS.

Let us all show that we care about our finance workforce and let’s all say thank you to those colleagues that have really made a difference to us and make NHS Finance a great place to work.  Find out how to get involved here