Virtual Away day

Author: Charlotte HensonDate: 1 month 2 weeks Ago

I am just listening to the inspiring value makers at the HFMA 2020 conference and wanted to share with others the success of our virtual away day at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust.
Everyone told us a full day is too much  - it was based on Health and Well Being for a team of 45 staff and was a major success 
If anyone wants me to share some tips happy to help. Our agenda is below

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1 month 3 days Ago

Hi Charlotte, I can't see the agenda, would it be possible to post or email to me We have recently brought together finance teams that sat in different directorates and staff have suggested a virtual away day would be useful.  A focus on Health & Wellbeing would be help us build on some of the other initiatives we have put in place to increase take up. Thanks Emma 

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2 weeks 4 days Ago