Volunteers wanted for competency reviewing

Author: Sophie RoweDate: 1 week 4 days Ago

We need your help!

The Finance Technical Competencies were updated about five years ago and define all of the technical competencies required by finance staff between a Band 1 and 8d. In 2018, FFF wished to define the ‘softer’ behaviours and business skills required by finance staff and so they commissioned a Behavioural Skills Framework. We are now commissioning a piece of work to bring both frameworks together into one document. This will identify all of the skills, behaviours and attitudes required for the future success of finance staff.

We have commissioned Karen House, a competency specialist and author of the two documents to help us to update the frameworks and to bring them together. Karen is not a finance specialist and so she will need help with specifying the detail. With this in mind, and conscious of the burden of reviewing all of the material, we are asking for volunteers from different types of NHS organisation to review two competencies each – one technical and one behavioural. Altogether we will be involving 36 volunteers so that we cover everything - and this is where you come in – as we would love your input!

The 9 competency pairs are listed below, if you would be happy to review one of the pairs of competencies please let us know by replying to this email and Karen will give you a call at a convenient time for you to provide your detailed feedback.

Technical Behavioural
Financial Accounting Communicating and Influencing
Management and Business Accounting Team Working and Collaborating
Commissioning and Contracting Being Accountable
Capital Accounting Leading Change and Improvement
Payroll and Pensions Integrity, self awareness & self management, compassion & care and resilience
Internal Audit Solving Problems and Making Decisions
Financial Systems Planning and Organisaing
Using IT Challenging and Innovating
Governance and Risk Management Working Across the System

The questions we’d like you to ask yourself as you complete your review are:

  • Does the competence accurately describe what is needed and is the description at the right level?
  • Is there anything missing and if so, what? What words / sentences need to be added or changed?
  • Is there anything which is now out of date – in particular jargon, abbreviations etc. What needs to go in its place?

The links to the two documents are shown  on the right hand side of the page.

Please email futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net if you are happy to help and we will book in your chat with Karen.