Ward Watching

Author: James CurrellDate: 5 months 3 days Ago

Hi I’m James Currell, a Student Finance Officer in The Leeds Teaching Hospitals’ Costing Team.

During my time with the team, I’ve been encouraged to make the most of my year-out opportunity and embark on endeavours far beyond my expectations from a role in a finance team. So far, I’ve witnessing live surgery and observed a list of procedures in an endoscopy suite to fully appreciate what my day job is here to support. My latest adventure outside the world of finance was no exception, as I had the pleasure of attending a ward round.

This involves consultants visiting their patients on the ward to check on their progress, how they are feeling and to see if there is anything they can do to help. The ward rounds are often completed by clinical teams who will meet afterwards to share information about the patients and discuss the next steps in their treatment.
It was fascinating to see first-hand how a ward operates. It was also extraordinary to see the variety of complex issues and conditions that clinical staff have to be mindful of in order to provide an exceptional level of care. But most of all, I was humbled to speak to the patients being treated and learn more about their experiences in our hospitals in person.
Many thanks to the many people who helped make this visit possible, both within and outside our Costing Team. A special shout out goes to Dr Anna Winfield who allowed me to shadow her while she completed her ward round, and to Senior Nurse Donna Laird (pictured) for helping to organise this.
For many finance colleagues, the clinical side of a trust is something perhaps seldom seen. In that respect I am very grateful to have been granted this opportunity, and can’t recommend enough that it is an experience really worth proactively seeking out!