Improving the Organisation's Excel Skills

Although I feel I have always been more than competent using Microsoft Excel, when I started my current role I quickly discovered there were some sections of Excel (Pivot tables) that I was distinctly amateur at.

What I want, you've got

Ever feel like what you're doing must have been done by someone else before so you don't have to? That you're manually adding to lookup lists when they've obviously been added somewhere else first for you to need to add them? Well it's about time you stopped what you're doing and started to leverage the power of the your existing systems' data.

They see me rolling

Every year end we set about rolling over to a new financial year, creating a new set of files and folders and more often than not find that we've got an awful lot to do to switch from year to year.

My First Foray into Value Making

My name is Owen Day and I’m a Finance Manager for International & Private Patient Departments at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Having attended a few FFF events and getting ideas from other colleagues I decided that it was about time that I put some of my ideas into action. One of the reasons I became a Value Maker was to try to break down the animosity that Finance receives