Family Lessons for the Workplace Leader

I'm not quite sure how, but Christmas /always/ manages to take me by surprise. One day, I'm happily contemplating the leaves turning colour, or that first smell of autumn in the air. The next - BAM!  It's December 24th. 

First Value Maker Workshop

Continuing our work at NECS to promote FFF and raise awareness of Value Makers across our sites, we brought together enthusiastic and committed colleagues who were keen to learn more and held our first ‘Value Maker Workshop’ today.

The Inflexible “Flexible Workforce Policy” and all it’s Rigidity

It’s fair to say, that during my time as a VM, I have been fairly vocal about diversity and specifically flexible working. But I have been quiet of late (just trying to get through the chaos of juggling family life and work to be honest). However I am pleased to say that something stirred me up again at a FFF Health and Wellbeing event back in November, and I’m back on my soapbox.

Great Place To Work Framework

Hi All, Is anyone able to give any hints/tips about embedding this framework and working through the surveys.  We are wanting to keep engagement so don't want to turn people off with loads of questions.  Just thinking about what worked well/what didn't work so well that you'd do differently would be really helpful!  Many Thanks!

Sent to a Conference: Nightmare Situation or a Land of Opportunity

I sit here stroking my long white beard and remembering the nightmare of my youth that moment you are sent to a Conference or a Time Out, the hackles go up, I can do more with the time at work, I have so much to do and why bother.  It may surprise people to be reading this but that was my attitude in the early years of my life in the NHS my attitude. 

The People Behind The Numbers

You see it in the movies, you read about it and you think you know what to expect when you’re in that operating theatre, but real life is nothing quite like what you see on Grey’s Anatomy. I had the wonderful privilege of observing a surgery during my placement with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s (LTHT) Costing Team to gain some insight into patient pathways and how the data we analyse