Lockdown Wellbeing

Well I think it would be an understatement to say the last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy.  We've been presented with a scenario that I can safely say majority of us never dreamed of facing, so naturally there is an increase of anxiety and emotions not just across the office but our

East of England Engagement Progress

The East of England has now taken the top spot in terms of having more Value Makers than any other region with over 500.  The engagement progress has been excellent in the patch and we have put together a bit of newsletter so show this progress and also to summarise the findings of the staff development survey that we ran earlier this year.  

Take it to the limit

A bit of R&R and a lot of exercise last week thanks to a week of Skiing in New Hampshire. I tried my best to be mindful on the ski lifts taking in some glorious spring skiing conditions, some fantastic crisp mountain air and generally enjoying the views on the way up and the crisp (occasionally icy) slopes on the way down. I also broke  (or at least twisted) a few rules by listening to

You do less time for murder!

I recently celebrated 40 years working in the NHS - *Kim Gay*, Associate Director of Finance, Finance Lead, West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts

Wet, Windy (and Muddy)

So having mentioned earlier in the week about how a wet windy dog walk might be a way to do yourself some good, I got my chance today. Today is National Dally Rally day. All around the country groups of like minded people and their spotty friends meet up, and its a case of "everybody's walkin the dog". I'm really privileged to live between the New Forest and the coast and I had two choices today,

Horses for Courses

So there have been a few blog posts about exercise and physical activity, and whilst these clearly are beneficial to both our physical and our mental wellbeing, it is also necessary to stay mindful (pun fully intended), that there are plenty of other things that we can do to help ourselves. Have you ever found yourself caught up in a piece of music, why not create some playlists that put you into