My career break experience

I want to share my experience regarding my career break. My day job in the UK is as a senior finance manager for NECS. I generally work on assignments supporting transformation programmes, from both a programme management and finance perspective. The job requires quick thinking, strategic knowledge, obviously technical knowledge but also relationship development and management.

Sharing my story as a profoundly deaf person

*Toni Trendall, a Senior Financial Accountant at NHS South, Central and West CSU was asked to share her story as a partially deaf person who became profoundly deaf, as *

Virtual Trust Induction and Training - Robyn Gillgannon - Mersey Care NHS FT

One thing that scared me about starting my role in a virtual way was the training aspect, I had never used a finance system before so this was all so new to me. I remember on the day of my induction meeting my line manager asked me to join their team meeting that day, I felt like everybody was speaking a different language when I came out of the meeting which did scare me, but in such a short

Gloucester Hospitals NHS FT – Buddying Scheme

Like many other NHS departments across the country, finance and procurement staff at Gloucestershire Hospitals were told to work from home from 23rd March 2020; in response to Covid-19 and protecting the safety of staff.  Whilst many people work from home occasionally, doing this long term has felt like a new phenomenon for these departments.  On the 24th March,

Redeployment to the RotAhub Team - Stephanie Sinnott's Experience

During the lockdown period in Mar 2020, my trust, Alder Hey, were asking for volunteers to assist the clinical ward staff; with refilling stock cupboards around the hospitals or helping ward housekeepers with their role, to free up some of their time to assist the nurses treating COVID patients. With the pandemic sweeping the world, various members of staff absent with the sickness or shielding

All in this together #DoingOurBit

Several staff from the finance team at Harrogate and District NHS FT offered their support to the PPE team during the pandemic, and at the time they were not sure what was going to be expected of them but they knew they wanted to help out wherever they could.