Wellbeing workshops

Looking after the health and wellbeing of ourselves and of our colleauges is more important than ever. Finance staff are working under unique pressure and having to adapt to changes in work patterns, structure and processes, as well as delivering the normal day job.

Opportunity to write for a clinical finance journal

As part of the projects we are delivering within our Finance for Clinicians and Managers work-stream, we are looking for volunteers to share experiences from their organisations where non-clinical staff and teams have been supporting their clinical colleagues and services. We are looking to publish content provided as articles within a new clinical finance journal that we will be launching

BPV Case Studies

*Case studies from organisations that have applied the BPV Decision Framework process and tools to a demonstration exercise.*

HFMA and FFF directory of resources

The HFMA has produced a directory with FFF [1], to signpost to the resources available to members and the wider NHS finance community. Our aim is to make it easier for finance staff to find and access resources to help develop skills and support them with the challenges you're facing.  [1] https://www.hfma.org.uk/publications/details/hfma-directory-of-resources

Pulling together

Here at the Christie, finance and procurement staff have adapted quickly to the changes necessary to ensure the safe running of the hospital during the first stage of the Corona Virus pandemic, as well as helping out in a number of critical areas outside peoples usual roles. This blog captures some of the team’s experiences, thoughts and feelings through this unprecedented time.

Lockdown Wellbeing

Well I think it would be an understatement to say the last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy.  We've been presented with a scenario that I can safely say majority of us never dreamed of facing, so naturally there is an increase of anxiety and emotions not just across the office but our

East of England Engagement Progress

The East of England has now taken the top spot in terms of having more Value Makers than any other region with over 500.  The engagement progress has been excellent in the patch and we have put together a bit of newsletter so show this progress and also to summarise the findings of the staff development survey that we ran earlier this year.