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If I knew then what I know now......

Having worked in Financial Management for 15 years, I was more than a little apprehensive about stepping out of my comfort zone and moving to the Costing Team over a year ago, but was looking forward to a new challenge. However, when I saw the extent of clinical data the team had access to, I was frankly amazed and found it incredibly exciting!

Northern Diversity Open House Discussions

Following the success of our national Safe House discussions, held in July 2018, that helped shape and structure our new Diversity and Inclusion work programme, the North of England will be holding their own set of regional workshops to understand the barriers facing local colleagues from all protected groups when trying to make progress in their NHS Finance careers.

Return of the Ma... nhei

It is coming up to 18 months since my return to Leeds Teaching Hospitals, having spent almost 5 years away. I enjoyed working here the last time but things felt different this time around.

Future-Focused Finance, Institute of Healthcare Management and the Academy of Fabulous Stuff

/The Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM), NHS Future-Focused Finance (NHS FFF) and the Academy of Fabulous Stuff have formally agreed to work in partnership, by linking their networks (which include the Value Makers and Fab Ambassadors) and programmes of work together to maximise the benefits of collaborative working between professional groups and health and social care sectors.  /

HCF Article: March 2019 - Finance Teams going for Gold

At the Finance Leadership Council meeting on 31 January a further 15 organisations were awarded Future-Focused Finance accreditation these at level 1, 23 at level 2 and nine at the ‘gold standard’, level 3. Our accreditation scheme for finance skills development is now gaining traction across the country, and we are delighted there is at least one accredited organisation in each of the 10 skills

The results are in...

We were absolutely delighted to receive *498 responses to the FFF South East engagement survey* from finance colleagues across the region. This is a fantastic level of response, which equates to over 50% of all staff in the region, so thank you again for participating in the survey and sharing across your networks!