General Practice: New Ways of Working

It is well evidenced and publicised that general practice is currently under serious financial pressure. Over recent years, GP workloads have increased substantially, becoming more complex, and have not been matched in terms of funding or increases to workforce. Enormous pressure is building around the sustainability of the current general practice model, and, more so now than ever, looking to new

Finance Staff Behavioural Skills Framework

Earlier this year we were asked by the Finance Leadership Council (FLC) to produce a piece of work, as part of our Workforce and Leadership delivery theme, to support all finance staff in helping them identify how they can best use their talents in NHS finance. Recognising that *how* we do our jobs is as at least as important as *what* we do, we have developed a

Approaches to better value in the NHS - Kings Fund Report

The Kings Fund have today published a report on 'Approaches to better value in the NHS'.  The NHS is increasingly focusing on how it can deliver the highest-quality health outcomes at the lowest possible cost. In the report The Kings Fund explore how three different organisations are working to improve the value of the services they offer to patients. They found that it requires a change to

Finance Offer

We are looking at the finance offer and are keen to hear from other teams as to what services they offer budget holders and others within the organisation as a finance offer.  We are keen for the finance team to be seen across the whole area not only our CCG but with the council and other ccg's.  Does anyone have any examples of the offer that they provide thanks