Exploring the ‘Clinical World’ outside of my ‘Data’ Window

Working as a Financial Analyst in a Costing Team blessed with access to a wealth of electronic data, I have a real opportunity to drive changes in our services and make a positive impact to patient care. As a Value Maker, I’m always striving to achieve this, and recognise it requires a proactive approach to understanding the reality behind our information to make it come alive on my screen.

CCG Network Update

It was great to speak with so many valuemakers at the CCG network market stall at last Friday's conference. What was really clear is that there is a real opportunity to work together on a wide range of things - from the big changes such as CCG mergers to the day to day 'where can I code this in the ledger' there were a lot of common themes.

Value Maker Award Winners

On Friday 20th September we presented our first ever Value Maker Awards at the Value Maker Annual Conference in London. The awards were hotly contested with a total of 28 nominations across the 4 categories which were based on our Four Strengths framework [1]. We were delighted that NHS England and [1] https://www.futurefocusedfinance.nhs.uk/four-strengths-nhs-finance-framework

Senior Financial Accountant Vacancy

A Job role as Senior Financial Accountant has become available in the East Cheshire Trust which sits on the border of Staffordshire, Stockport and Manchester.  If you are interested in applying for the role, then please follow this link. https://www.jobs.nhs.uk/xi/vacancy/?vac_ref=915683325