Mike Burns, FD at the Walton Centre FT, signs up!

Mike Burns, Acting FD at the Walton Centre NHS FT in Liverpool, has signed the declaration. Mike, pictured with his colleagues Andrew Green and Catherine Youds, said I m proud to be signing the declaration on behalf of The Walton Centre Finance team and

Plymouth Community Healthcare CIC signs up to Future Focused Finance

I am delighted to sign up to the future focused finance principle. As a relatively new social enterprise providing NHS funded healthcare we are working hard to truly become an employee led organisation. We are faced with similar challenges to colleagues in other organisations but have the opportunity to work in a very different way to help secure a sustainable future for our healthcare economy. I

NEW Devon CCG signs the FFF declaration!

I'm pleased to have signed the Future Focused Finance declaration on behalf of Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group and look forward to working with my team to bring our declaration to life. *Hugh Groves, Chief Finance Officer, NEW Devon CCG *