For an overview of the programme, introduction to the decision framework and feedback from our demonstration site, please view the BPV webinar [60 minutes]

The best way to learn how to apply the framework and its tools is to experience the process first-hand. The best ways to do this are:

  1. Self-directed learning and applying the BPV tools in your day job;
  2. Attending decision workshops at a neighbouring organisation.

Fortnightly learning tasks will be set for members of the BPV Community so be sure to follow the group and join in.

Remember to record all of your activities in your learning log which you'll need if you wish to register yourself as a BPV Specialist.

For background information, you can also download the results and feedback from the original programme user needs diagnostic survey and read all about the framework in HFMA's Healthcare Finance magazine artilcle in the downloads section.