A BPV Specialist is a unique role for volunteers working in healthcare decision-making. They are:

  • familiar with the BPV Decision Framework and able to apply it in practice;
  • comfortable adopting the role of champion, co-ordinator and/or facilitator in applying the framework to a local decision;
  • confident in training others within and beyond their organisation in value thinking and the application of the BPV decision framework;
  • able and willing to support other organisations in their patch in learning more or running their own decision using the framework and related tools; and,
  • active participants in a community of practice with the other BPV Specialists.

Anyone working in healthcare who has the enthusiasm and motivation to drive more effective decision-making and better value can become a BPV Specialist. If you’d like to get involved but aren’t ready to self-certify as a BPV Specialist, then the BPV Community is a national network which offers a platform and the opportunity to discuss all things healthcare value with colleagues.

The BPV Specialist leaflet provides more information about what the role entails and how you can become a BPV Specialist.

The BPV Community charter outlines the purpose of the network and details what is expected of individuals joining the network, along with the benefits that you can realise as a network member.

The BPV Specialist learning activity log is to help you keep track of how far you've come in your journey to self-certifying as a BPV Specialist - you'll need this to register yourself.

The Future-Focused Finance network members map lets you find other BPV Specialists nearby.

If you are intereseted in joining the network or would like to know more about BPV Specialists then please email futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net