Reflections: NHS Costing Transformation Programme

My name is Julia Gray and I am a chartered accountant. I have worked in NHS finance for 17 years. For over four years, up to the end of 2018, I was a lead on a national NHS Costing Transformation Programme where I worked with acute, ambulance, mental health, and community providers to develop and implement a standardised patient-level costing approach. The purpose of the programme was to help

Improving the Organisation's Excel Skills

Although I feel I have always been more than competent using Microsoft Excel, when I started my current role I quickly discovered there were some sections of Excel (Pivot tables) that I was distinctly amateur at.

Improving collaboration with the ‘Four Strengths’

The Four Strengths have been produced by Future-Focused Finance and are designed to help NHS finance teams develop the skills they need for the challenges ahead. They have been created to be simple, memorable and time-saving – giving NHS finance departments a consistent, universal language to support not just appraisals, but the whole development process. 

General Practice: New Ways of Working

It is well evidenced and publicised that general practice is currently under serious financial pressure. Over recent years, GP workloads have increased substantially, becoming more complex, and have not been matched in terms of funding or increases to workforce. Enormous pressure is building around the sustainability of the current general practice model, and, more so now than ever, looking to new