The aim of this work stream is to facilitate and engender clinical, finance and citizen engagement in reducing waste and delivering high value care by:

  • Actively working with professional groups to build awareness, mobilise knowledge and to identify specific areas of focus.
  • Engaging in discussions with those delivering the efficiency programme, Right Care, the new nursing strategy, Choosing Wisely, the NIHR, and identifying and taking up opportunities for shared working.
  • Learning from national and international experience and developing a directory or manual of good practice examples.
  • Harnessing the value maker community to share messages and good practice in the finance community.
  • Building a culture of responsibility amongst professional staff groups by including information about adding value and reducing waste in finance and clinical educator training.
  • Building citizen awareness.
  • Working with the NIHR and the NHS RD Forum in the reduction of waste in research and the delivery of the Adding Value Project.