Future-Focused Finance are committed to supporting Diversity & Inclusion, recognising that it is an important aspect in ensuring that finance teams identify, nurture and support talented individuals from all backgrounds.

A key aspect of the diversity workstream is to support and enhance the careers of finance colleagues with "protected characteristics", as defined by the Equality Act 2010. Its focus will be on helping those colleagues to achieve their potential and ensuring that finance leaders today and in the future are representative of the diverse workforce within NHS finance. This will have real tangible benefits for individuals and organisations and will be a huge contributor to improving the quality of patient care.

This programme focuses on removing the disparity between band grades across the whole of the finance function for all groups (protected characteristics) over time. We cannot aim for anything less than equality of opportunity and this is the underlying target of this programme.

Actions and deliverables will fall under the following themes:

  • Challenging behaviours and changing culture
  • Access to and greater visibility of role models and mentors
  • Establishing Networks for protected groups
  • Continued communication and profile via a regular series of events and workshops
  • Sharing good practice on pay equality and flexible working
  • Embedding a positive accountability framework
  • Changing the way organisations carry out recruitment processes
  • Ownership at top level within organisations via our DoF networks and accreditation processes
  • Marketing and communications

Our current and continuous focus includes:

  • Programme of events to train, educate and support people to challenge behaviours and change culture
  • Set up networks for all groups and levels of seniority
  • Support regional and national programmes
  • Promote and educate on the benefits of reverse mentoring.
  • Building a bank of role models
  • Surveys and open feedback.

All processes and frameworks e.g. FFF Accreditation and National Talent Pool to include recognition of the importance of diversity and inclusion.

We have established a Diversity Delivery Group that meet quarterly. The group have helped set out our KPIs and ambition for the programme and will continue to support us with the work going forward.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us deliver actions from this programme and get the message our across all regions. If you're passionate about making a difference in your own organisation and across the sector or would like to join the delivery group, please email futurefocusedfinance@nhs.net