The Sponsorship Programme is a two-year programme providing career sponsorship for high potential finance staff who are from the groups under-represented at Director level within NHS Finance.

This includes:
  • female colleagues
  • individuals of Black, Asian and minority ethnicity
  • individuals with disabilities
  • individuals that recognise themselves as gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or 'other' sexual orientation
  • transgender colleagues
The Programme has been designed based on the successful “Career Watch” model established because EY recognised that their senior leadership teams do not reflect the diversity seen at other levels of the organisation.

Evidence suggests that career progression is often facilitated in part by the informal networks people develop but that these networks can unintentionally be much more difficult to access by some. The Sponsorship Programme aims to address this need by providing a suitable way to widen professional networks and exposure for those who may feel that this is something that has been difficult in the past. The sponsorship relationship is a reciprocal one that requires dedication and attention from both parties. It is the sponsee’s responsibility to deliver to a high standard and be trustworthy; they must also drive the relationship building by proactively organising meetings and shaping conversations in line with what they want to get out of the programme. In return the sponsor gives advice, feedback, creates space for their sponsee to connect with other influential professionals, and advocates for their sponsee to have access to career enhancing opportunities.