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FFF Finance for General Practice

NHS Finance for General Practice - Delegate Pack

NHS Finance for General Practice - Delegate Pack

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An editable Evidence Schedule for Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Accreditation Level 3 proforma

Accreditation Level 3 proforma

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Accreditation Level 2 proforma

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Accreditation Level 1 proforma

Future focused finance CCG network - Sharing good practice in CCGs

An interesting example of how CCGs in the North are reducing prescribing costs through indicative budget shcemes. 

FFF Accreditation - Lessons from accredited CCGs

A useful presentation on accreditation from accredited CCGs in the North.

How to use the Value Maker online network

Being a Value Maker also means having access to a wide range of resources via our online Value Maker network page.

Value Maker Guide

Want to know more about the role of a Future-Focused Finance Value Maker?  Read this guide and find out more.

How to use the Senior Talent Management online network

Healthcare Finance road map

Value Maker Awards - Finance Expert

Nominate a Finance Expert

Value Maker Awards

Future-Focused Finance will be launching Value Maker Awards this year to recognise the work of our Value Makers in their organisations and wider health communities.
The awards will be presented at the Value Maker Annual Conference on 20th September 2019.

FACE Teaching Log

This document is to help FACE network members record what they are teaching in their organisations and become certified FACE.

Senior Talent Management application form

Sign up to our Senior Talent Management network.

Value Maker Regional Leads

Read the Value Maker Stories of our Regional Leads.

What Senior Talent Management network should I join?

Value Maker Annual Conference 2018 - Market Stalls

Aspiring Finance Leaders Network Development Programme

Finance Leaders Development Programme - Midlands & East

Finance Leaders Development Programme - North

Finance Leaders Development Programme - South

Finance Leaders Development Programme - London

General Practice: New Ways of Working

This document, created for CCG and regional primary care teams, focuses on the main pressures facing general practice today and showcases new and interesting ways of working from CCGs across the country.

NHS Finance Career Stories 2015

Future-Focused Finance commissioned the HFMA to produce this series of NHS finance career stories in 2015.

NHS Finance Career Stories: Volume 2

We have created a second volume of NHS Finance Career Stories in 2018 featuring 12 new stories to further promote the opportunities and different experiences that NHS finance has to offer. The stories highlight the ability to have a successful career at any level and the many opportunities for wide-ranging personal and career development.

FFF Autumn events programme - North of England

FFF events being held in the North of England regions.

Value Maker Regional Leads Announced

Looking ahead: the NHS at 100

Future-Focused Finance Overview

A general leaflet giving an overview of FFF and what we do.

A Beginner's Guide to Primary Care Terminology

The Future-Focused Finance team have been working closely with CCG and GP colleagues to produce this document, to help provide a basic understanding of general practice finance to all NHS professionals.

This document would be ideal for new practice managers.

Payment Made to Practices - GP Process Map

The financial challenges facing general practice

We asked general practitioners (GPs) and practice managers about the current financial challenges facing general practice. Their responses highlight a number of serious concerns about the issues facing general practice and in this briefing we make a number of recommendations to address some of the most pressing issues.

General practice is facing unprecedented pressures and, with GPs managing heavier and more complex workloads, uncertainty about a sustainable future in a rapidly changing landscape is understandable. In such a stretched environment general practice needs guidance and support to manage the status quo, let alone deliver the increasing expectations set out in Next steps on the NHS five year forward view.

Driving Value Through Difference - Building a diverse and inclusive NHS Finance function

The growing body of research on diversity and inclusion (D&I) shows that well-managed, diverse teams provide better care for patients, better management of resources, are more innovative and make better decisions. Developing a diverse pipeline of talent is a key focus of the Future-Focused Finance programme as stated by the Finance Leadership Council and we have recently been working with colleagues at Ernst and Young to develop this narrative, which outlines why it is so important to increase the diversity of our workforce and continue to build an inclusive culture across all parts of the NHS.

Value Maker Stories

This document shares individual stories from a number of FFF Value Makers, including their achievements to date, their aims for the next year and their top tips for getting started as a Value Maker. The document also includes 'Build a Value Maker', a tool to help Value Makers to create an action plan for their Value Maker activities.

Career Stories

Future-Focused Finance commissioned the HFMA to produce a series of NHS finance career stories to highlight different career pathways and the attractions of working in NHS finance.
The stories promote the benefits to people considering their career options at all points in the spectrum, from students to finance directors working in other industries. They may also be of interest to NHS finance professionals considering what their next step might be.

Characteristics of a Finance Leader

Working with Prospect we have produced a Finance Leaders key characteristics framework. Developed in consultation with senior leaders from across the NHS, the framework details the key characteristics of a finance leader to help individuals to assess their preparedness to apply for a senior finance role. 

NHS FFF Inquiry into Innovation

This inquiry sought to investigate the cultural opportunities and barriers to innovation in Finance professionals, and the role NHS Finance can and could play in leading and generating innovation within the finance function, and across organisations and systems.

Supporting NHS Finance Leaders

This report summarises the HFMA’s research into the obstacles faced by aspiring finance leaders in achieving their career ambitions and the support available for aspiring and current finance leaders.

Characteristics of a Great Place to Work - Literature Review

We have produced a literature review, researching the characteristics of a great place to work, within all sectors and then specifically within the NHS. This research has identified the behaviours that have the biggest impact on how people who work in NHS finance feel about their job. The full report can be accessed here.

Diversity in NHS Finance

We questioned a cohort of more than 1,000 finance employees about their experiences of elements of diversity including gender, ethnicity and disability in the NHS organisations they work for. The results of this survey informed our report, “Diversity in NHS Finance Leadership: beliefs, behaviours and barriers” which can be viewed here.