Beating Burnout - wellbeing webinar

Wellbeing webinar: Beating Burnout

Live webinar - 60 minutes

Audience: all NHS finance staff

Facilitated by The Wellbeing Project

Course overview:

Even before Covid-19, burnout was on the rise. According to research carried out by Gallup in 2018, 76% of employees sometimes experience burnout, impacting not just their mental and physical health but also performance, motivation and confidence.

Designed by a team of business psychologists, Beating Burnout gives employees the understanding and knowledge they need to take control of their response to stress and manage the risk of burnout. It combines the latest research with practical tools and techniques that can be put into practice straightaway.

Course outcomes:

  • understanding the meaning and causes of burnout
  • gain clarity on your individual risk factor
  • build awareness of the stress cycle
  • recognise the symptoms and signs of burnout
  • step out of stress and put positive coping strategies into practice

Event Info


Monday, February 1, 2021 - 12:00 to 13:00