South East Coast Engagement Day

We are currently piloting a new engagement model in SEC and work is already underway with: 22 FD declarations signed; 8 organisations committed to completing Level 1 FFF Accreditation; and 57 Value Makers & 18 Finance and Clinical Educators (FACE) having joined the networks. There is currently only one organisation that has achieved Level 1 Accreditation in SEC and we are keen to increase this number in 2019. 

To help us build engagement in SEC, we have developed a survey including questions for both finance teams and their FD/CFOs, regarding training and development. From this we hope to understand better what is already being delivered and working well in the region, and, more importantly, what is lacking and where we can give support and fill the gaps.

To launch the survery we are holding an event at the Hilton Hotel, Maidstone on Friday 25 January (10:30 – 15:00) and we are aiming to have every organisation in the region represented.  As well as the launch of the survey, there will be presentations and practical sessions from organisations in the area that are already signed up to FFF and FSD, including case studies on how to get started on Accreditation Level One and further information on the Value Maker and FACE networks, and a discussion-led session specifically for FSD leads.

We are aiming to have every organisation from the South East represented at the event so we encourage you and colleauges to attend!  You can make bookings via the registration button at the top of this page, or by emailing us

Event Info


Friday, January 25, 2019 -
10:00 to 15:00


Hilton Hotel Maidstone