7th August
West Midlands Engagement Event

Future-Focused Finance and the Skills Development Network are working together to build better engagement in the region.

19th August
South Central Engagement Event

To start our engagement

19th August
Achieving L2 Accreditation

Find out the best practice in achieving your Level 2 Accreditation. Book on for a guide through the proforma by a recently accredited organisation.

24th September
Virtual Value Maker Annual Conference 2020

This year's Value Maker Annual Conference will be running as an online event.

29th September
Finance for Clinicians Virtual Event

Sign up to attend our first online Finance for Clinicians event which will run on MSTeams.

22nd January
Value Maker Annual Conference 2021

/*This event has been rescheduled from the original date of 24 September 2020 to the new date of 22 January 2021.*/

26th January
Demystifying NHS Finance

9th March
Demystifying NHS Finance