16th October
Staff Costing Model Workshop

Each year new policies, pay scales and NI calculations are produced.

20th October
Accreditation Assessor Training

We are looking for volunteers to assess other organisations to ensure they can be accredited to Level 2 & 3. 

21st October
FFF Toolkits for Accreditation Workshop

Hear from Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Trust about their Accreditation journey to Level 3!

23rd October
Promoting NHS Careers Workshop

Lancashire Teaching Hospitals are bringing Career Fairs Online!

27th October
Time Outs Workshop

22nd January
Value Maker Annual Conference 2021

/*This event has been rescheduled from the original date of 24 September 2020 to the new date of 22 January 2021.*/

26th January
Demystifying NHS Finance

9th March
Demystifying NHS Finance