Finance & Clinical Educators - What do we do?

Finance & Clinical Educators, the FACE of Finance, are a group of individuals that are committed to demystifying finance to improve clinical value. The FACE initiative is aiming to have a FACE in every organisation, supported by a network of FACEs across the country. Sharing resources and sharing best practice, the network will support individuals to demystify NHS finance within their organisations.

The network is led by a group of Network Leaders who meet regularly to review the network, encourage regional working and to help share resources and learning through newsletters, events and regular communications updates.

The group is also currently exploring relationships between GP practices and NHS Finance. Work is being carried out with the National Association of Primary Care to survey GP practices, to establish how we can improve relationships and what support Primary Care would like to receive from the FACE network.

How to get involved

If you would like to become a FACE or to join the FACE Network Leaders group then please get in touch by emailing

Follow us on Twitter @nhsFFF_FACE.

Face Certification

We have recently added FACE certification to our website to start rewarding network members for hours of teaching. 

1 star - 5 hours of teaching

2 stars - 10 hours of teaching

3 stars - 20 hours of teaching

Please email to let us know what you're doing in your organisation!