The overarching principle of Accreditation is that the organisation is fully signed up to Future-Focused Finance’s aim of ensuring that everyone connected with NHS Finance can influence decision making in support of high quality patient services.

“Going through the Future-Focused Finance Accreditation process required the whole finance function to effectively re-look at ourselves, and reflect upon the type of service we were offering. In addition, when gathering evidence, we were able to reflect on what we did well, and what we could share; and conversely where we could improve and where we could learn from others. The process of accreditation brought members of the department closer together, as a team, and provided an opportunity to reflect. This has led to a number of internal changes, including improvements in our training strategy, whereby we have tried to align our provision much more closely to the needs of the organisation. I would wholeheartedly endorse the process to others who are considering applying for FFF Accreditation.”

  Simon Holden Interim Chief Finance Officer, Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Based on a simple self-assessment process, there are three levels within the process, with each level reflecting continuous development of the organisational financial competence through increasingly sophisticated standards of skills development across an organisation’s finance function. 

Level 1

Will be achieved through a process of self-assessment with statements from the finance director / chief finance officer confirming that all the relevant criteria are achieved by the organisation.

Level 2

Will require peer assessment by another NHS body.

Level 3

Will require peer-assessment by another NHS body.

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Accredited Organisations

If you'd like to know which organisations are already accredited, you can explore our map. Simply select the region that you're interested in and then click on the down arrow by "FFF Accreditations" underneath the map. All the organisations with accreditation in that region will be listed. For national organisations and arm's-length bodies, please select the "National" option to the right-hand side of the map.